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Accidferry is a 4-piece rock band, mainly drifting around progressive music.


Formed in Liverpool with a graduate build-up of each other’s ideas, brought from the experience of all of the band members.

On the rhythm guitar we have Piotr Kaplon, previously a band member of the Liverpool band 10 Bags of Stones and the Polish band Wiosny Luduff, which originated and took place in his home town in Poland, back in the day. He is the creator of some of AccidFerry’s most popular riffs.

The lead guitarist and vocalist, Piotr Krawczyk, is the first point of creativity within the band. Piotr has a long history as a lead vocalist with his previous Polish metal band InDespair which performed at one stage with such bands as Tyr, Sabaton, Blaze Bayley, Crystal Viper, Lonewolf, Wild Knight and Turbo. He is skilled in technical guitar riffs and vocals, as well as recording and mixing. 

Tomasz Drag (drums) - lived in Poland until 2007. During his time there, he was a member of many bands. He played in the band MAMA, with whom he recorded the album "Heavy Rock And Roll" and the live cassette. He performed in approximately 500 concerts and music events across Poland, including notable venues like the Spodek Hall in Katowice, the Tysiąclecia Hall in Wrocław, and events such as "Przeboje Dwójki" and the "Stanie się cud" concert, as well as the rock festival in Jarocin. After relocating to the UK, he became involved with bands in Liverpool, including Atlantis Code, Room 3, 10 Bags Of The Stones, and Atanamir. He contributed to numerous studio recordings with these bands and performed in many live shows. He plays on Pearl Reference drums.

Jaroslaw Glod  (bass) – also plays classical guitar and keyboards. He has experience with several bands, with which he played in Poland and the USA, including the punk-rock group 707. He also produces his own musical projects.

We decided that our music will be a joint venture that has no limits, where the lyrics contain a message about the modern world’s challenges and the issues of the global society.

Big thanks to our previous band members: Bartlomiej Gazdowicz, Marcin Ochwat, Jim Bentley.

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