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We are currently working on recording and mixing upcoming EP. 

Stay Tuned



It took a while, but we finally did it! Grab the hottest rock track of the upcoming winter!

"Monkey Dance" is a laid-back groove that Krawczyk had hidden in his closet for 10 years. We were just looking for the right song to kick off gigs, and the "Monkeys" fit perfectly. Rhythm section recordings took place at SAE Institute LIverpool (BIG THANKS to Alex Jones , Luke Carubia, Dan Kellett), with Bart Gaz and Marcin Ochwat participating. Guitar and vocal recordings were done at AccidFerry studio.


Let us know if it's rockin', and in the meantime, we're keeping the fire burning as we forge ahead with our debut album, guaranteed to blow your socks off!


BOOM The merch has arrived! Fancy a t-shirt, a pin badge, or a patch? DM us!



LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, we are proud to present our newest music video! #starsisallyouhave



The band is currently working on new music video. "Stars Is All You Have" is going to be released on 23.04.2023.


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